McLaren issues apology after Norris crashes Verstappen’s trophy

McLaren issues apology after Norris crashes Verstappen's trophy

Lando Norris accidentally smashed Max Verstappen’s trophy during the Hungarian Grand Prix podium celebrations, and McLaren has already apologized to Red Bull over social media.

McLaren’s Lando Norris kept a gap between the two Red Bulls to hold off Sergio Perez in third place as Verstappen crossed the finish line 33.7 seconds clear to win the Hungarian Grand Prix.

There was much to celebrate following the checkered flag, especially for Red Bull, who surpassed McLaren’s 1988 record of 11 straight victories.

Additionally, Norris, who impressed with his performance at Silverstone, when he also finished second to Verstappen, was able to record two consecutive P2 finishes after the Hungarian Grand Prix podium.

Norris quickly got into trouble, though, when he slammed his champagne bottle against the top step to create more spray, which led to him knocking Verstappen’s trophy off the podium.

The trophy shook and fell onto the podium platform after tipping over. Images of the trophy with a piece missing from it surfaced, demonstrating how the fragile porcelain artistry could not resist the fall.

McLaren was eager to apologize to Red Bull after expressing their feelings of regret at Norris’ actions on social media.

Verstappen received a personal apology from Norris after the 23-year-old replied to the two-time world champion’s own Instagram post.

Max Verstappen wrote: “Thanks Lando Norris.”

The McLaren driver apologised: “I’m so sorry…”

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