Lando Norris non apologetic after crashing Verstappen’s trophy

Lando Norris non apologetic after crashing Verstappen's trophy

Max Verstappen’s trophy was accidently broken by Lando Norris on the Hungarian Grand Prix podium, but happily both drivers saw the humor in the situation.

Verstappen sailed to the finish line to win a record-breaking 12th straight race for Red Bull after overtaking polesitter Sir Lewis Hamilton at the start.

The double world champion crossed the finish line more than 33 seconds ahead of Norris, who used a brilliant tactical decision to pass teammate Oscar Piastri and earn back-to-back podium finishes for the first time in his career.

Both drivers had a relatively normal race, but trouble arose after Norris unintentionally knocked Verstappen’s trophy over as he was comically popping his champagne.

The trophy which was apparently painted in pink and valued at roughly £35,000 in honor of the recently released Barbie movie, was broken into multiple pieces.

Both the Brit and the Dutchman laughed hilariously as they realized what had happened, and this emotion continued as they walked to the media area for their post-race interviews.

“I happily broke it! I was annoyed I was P2,” Norris said speaking to Sky Sports. “It wasn’t on purpose.

“That’s my celebration to hit the bottle [on the ground]. Max put his trophy in the wrong place. It’s Max’s fault!”

“You said it was my fault?” Verstappen jokingly asked before Norris replied: “She [a reporter] blamed you it wasn’t me!”

Everyone on the grid laughed at the incident, with Mercedes’ George Russell joking, “You’ve got to be kidding me!

“There must be a 10-second penalty for that. What the hell was he thinking, that’s awful. He must visit Specsavers!”

Later, while the McLaren team celebrated, the CEO Brown himself pretended to break Norris’ trophy. McLaren later tweeted: “We are so, so sorry” along with a video of the damaged trophy.

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