Mattia Binotto in denial that Ferrari is in crisis

Mattia Binotto in denial that Ferrari is in crisis

Mattia Binotto struggles to explain the disappointment and anger after a worst performance at Spa-Francorchamps, however he was unable to explain the reason behind the non-performing Ferrari SF 1000.

Ferrari’s downfall at Spa started in Saturday’s qualifying session when Charles Leclerc Finished 13th while his teammate Sebastian Vettel finished 14th. The race did not do justice for them as they finished in the same positions having not earned any points, it was even more surprising that Kimi Raikkonen(Alfa Romeo) was able to beat the ferrari duo being their engine customer.

Mattia Binotto however said that the team’s performance needed to be put into consideration believing that the downfall was caused by track characteristics.

“I think it is wrong to use the word crisis for the moment we are going through, certainly this is a very bad result within a difficult season that we are experiencing. But we knew it was coming, we saw it in winter testing, and then came the freeze(after car modification) and the impossibility to develop the car.”

“On a track that requires aerodynamic efficiency and power, we were severely lacking in both,” said Binotto after Sunday’s race.

“We are disappointed and angry, as indeed are our fans and with good reason. It’s a difficult moment in a season that we knew from the start would be a tough one, but it’s at times like this that we need to stand firm and look ahead in order to get over this difficult period. It’s the only way we will get out of this situation.”

The Ferrari team boss also took liabity after being questioned on why they had lagged so far behind.

“The entire team is responsible, myself as team principal as first,” Binotto said. “Am I the right man or not ? Not myself to answer. How long it will take? “

“I think if you look back in all the winning cycles that have been set, it’s always many years. There are no silver bullets in F1, patience and stability is required.” the Ferrari boss added, but also warned that this is just a small set back but the oldest team in Formula 1 will step back to its glory

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