The Turkish Grand Prix will be returning to the Formula 1 calender this year and the event organisers hope to open the race to 100,000 spectators to experience the race.

The F1 race will be held in Istanbul Park circuit on November 15th as Liberty Media put the event back to the calendar for the 2020 F1 season. The Turkish GP was last held in 2011 but it was listed to feature the 2020 F1 calendar’s 17 rounds with the event being round 14.

The organisers were initially not certain on opening the event to spectators. The chairman Intercity Promoters, Vural Ak on Tuesday confirmed that spectators will be allowed in the Istanbul Park circuit even as covid-19 pandemic still continues to affect globally.

“We are prepared for anything, if the disease becomes worse than now, then the race can be run without spectators,” Viral Ak said, being open to the possibility that there might be a spike in covid 19 cases forcing an alternate plan.

“At the moment for safety reasons, if we close some sections, about 100,000 spectators will be able to watch the race by following social distancing rules.” Viral added.

Normally the Istanbul circuit can hold over 220,000 spectators in the grandstand and open areas meaning holding 100,000 spectators the park circuit will just be half full.

The chairman also revealed the ticket prices will be very low as the promoters are not looking to make profits but just interested in running a successful race event which will be backed by the government.

“Formula 1 normally has certain standards and ticket prices are at a certain level, however, as Intercity, we do not seek to gain financial advantage from this and the government has encouraged us.”

“The ticket prices will be 30 TL(£3) per day. It will be 90 TL(£9) in total for three days. Tickets will be on sale next week and we think the tickets will sell very quickly.” the chairman added.

There are also plans to allow a limited number of fans at the Tuscan GP which will be held in Russia mid September and the Portuguese GP which will be held end-October. The rest of the race rounds have not yet permitted spectators.

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