FIA postpones review of Haas protest over track limits at the United States GP

FIA postpones review of Haas protest over track limits at the United States GP

Haas’ request to have the results of the 2023 United States Grand Prix reviewed has been postponed by the FIA.

The Haas team’s right of review case has been postponed by the FIA until Thursday so that the United States GP stewards can independently review the fresh evidence that the American team has submitted.

Haas filed a right of review last week as the team claims multiple drivers exploited the track limits during the United States GP at the Circuit of the Americas’  Turn 6 and the stewards took no actions to reprimand the infractions.

The infractions went unnoticed by the officials until after the race, as it was discovered that the CCTV cameras at Turn 6 did not give a clear picture of the track’s boundaries.

Haas decided not to accept this explanation and instead filed a right of review with the FIA claiming it had more evidence to present. It is purported that Haas has compiled a number of onboard videos showing drivers repeatedly going over the track limits and racing through corners.

Though this footage was also accessible to the Austin stewards, it’s unclear why Haas thinks it adds to the body of evidence.

According to Haas, there were several infractions involving Alex Albon, Sergio Perez, and Lance Stroll after breaching Article 33.3 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations and Appendix L, Chapter IV, Article 2c) of the International Sporting Code.

Albon was given a track limits penalty violation during the race, but the stewards acknowledged they lacked the proof needed to verify any additional infractions at Turn 6.

Teams have 14 days to submit a right to review under the FIA’s procedure, and now the stewards will need more time to determine whether any new, substantial evidence has been presented to support the case.

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In order to present their case, a Haas representative was obliged to meet with the stewards on Wednesday. However, the stewards will have until 3 p.m. CET on Thursday, November 9 to decide whether the evidence presented is sufficient to support proceeding with the process.

Haas presented the stewards the significant, relevant, new evidence needed for its right of review in a virtual meeting that happened on Wednesday.

Later, the US race’s stewards; Felix Holter, Andrew Mallalieu, Derek Warwick, and Dennis Dean decided to postpone the hearing in order to assess the evidence that had been submitted.

There will be two sections to the meeting; the first is to ascertain whether any new evidence has emerged. In the event that the governing body of the sport determines that there is sufficient new evidence, representatives from Red Bull, Williams, and Aston Martin must attend the second part.

The attendees from the Wednesday part of the meeting will return for the Thursday follow-up and they will declare whether or not the Haas’ Right of Review was successful.

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