Vettel uncertain he will be in F1 amid reports of German Grand Prix return

Vettel uncertain he will be in F1 amid reports of German Grand Prix return

Despite rumours that the German Grand Prix could return to the schedule, Sebastian Vettel does not expect to race in Germany again in his career.

This comes as the entry of premium German manufacturers Audi and Porsche in 2026 has sparked speculation that the German Grand Prix may be making a return to the F1 calendar.

Since 2019, the event has not been on the schedule. However, in an attempt to make up for some of the events lost during the Covid-19 pandemic, F1 conducted a one-off race at the Nurburgring in 2020, dubbed the ‘Eifel Grand Prix.’

During his F1 career, Vettel has won 11 races in his homeland, including one at the Nurburgring in 2013. He is sceptical that a new contract to resurrect the race would be reached before the end of his Formula 1 career.

“I don’t know if Germany will make it in time for me,” said the four-time world champion. “Obviously, I had the privilege to race in Germany for many years. I don’t know.”

“I think in the end, obviously, if you look the places that we’re going, I think Germany is not prepared to pay that sort of money to have the grand prix. Simple as that.”

The Aston Martin driver was also not hesitant to say other big European tracks, as well as some of the more recent additions to the calendar, like as Saudi Arabia and Miami, are struggling to remain commercially viable locations for Formula 1.

“Other regions, other countries in Europe are struggling,” Vettel explained.

“I think Spa is a very good example and it’s a shame, what we saw last year, with the rain with the rain cancelling the race and the people not getting a refund on their tickets.”

“But to blame Spa I think would be wrong, because they’re already struggling to make up the money they lose in the first place.

“So I don’t know, I’m not the developer of the sport and I’m not setting the business plan and the targets,” he added. “But clearly, you can see that the places we’re going and the new venues we’re going, it’s great to explore but it’s also money-driven for the sport, I guess, to develop the way they want to develop.”

With the growing popularity of Formula 1, competition for the rights to host a grand prix is intensifying. Vettel believes it would be a shame to see some historic European events disappear from the calendar.

“It is a shame losing out in Germany. It would be a shame losing out on Spa,” Vettel said.

“It would be a shame losing out on Spain, which there was a lot to talk about and if those countries are not ready to pay the high entry fees anymore, they will fall off that list. And that would be a shame.”

“Certainly, some races you’d think have a guarantee, such as Silverstone, Monza – but I don’t know.”

“We’ll see what happens in the next years. But it would be great if Germany was back on the calendar, but I doubt it.”

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