Vettel points and podium reinstated after appeal by Aston Martin

The FIA confirmed on Sunday evening that it had received a notice of intention to appeal the decision of the Hungarian GP whereby the race stewards disqualified Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel on Sunday evening after the finish of the race – For now, Vettel’s finishing position and points have been reinstated.

The four-time world champion – who finished the Hungarian Grand Prix in second place – was ultimately disqualified for a non-compliance the minimum amount of fuel in his car’s tank at the finish of the race. Indeed, the race stewards must be able to take a litre of fuel from each tank after the race, which was not possible in Sebastian Vettel’s car.

The Aston Martin driver had only 0.3 litres of fuel left in the tank, while the regulations state that at least one litre should remain to allow sufficient samples of the fuel to be taken.

Officially, Sebastian Vettel has been disqualified, but his team has notified the FIA of his intention to appeal the stewards’ decision. In these conditions, the German’s car was placed under seal from Sunday evening and all points and race finishing position reinstated.

According to Germany’s Automotor und Sport, the appeal is unlikely to succeed as modern Formula 1 power units prove nearly impossible to physically remove the fuel system, where Aston Martin believes there’s the correct amount of fuel waiting to be tested. The FIA wasn’t able to test the fuel due to a faulty pump, hence the original penalty.

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