Verstappen’s dad awkward moment ignites Red Bull tensions

Verstappen's dad awkward moment ignites Red Bull tensions

A video of Jos Verstappen’s response to Sergio Perez’s victory celebration after winning the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has been making the rounds on social media.

There may be more to the brewing rivalry between Max Verstappen and Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez than first believed, as suggested by a brutally unpleasant scene involving the reigning champion’s father.

Perez earned his sixth F1 victory, with a masterful performance in Jeddah after holding off Verstappen and Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin to win the race.However, after winning the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Perez overtook Jos Verstappen as the Red Bull team gave him bear hugs and backslaps.

Several fans started making comments on the senior Verstappen’s allegedly unenthusiastic reaction to Perez’s victory following the win.

After the race, Perez’s crew, family, and supporters gathered to congratulate the great driver on his victory, but one Red Bull team member didn’t seem as impressed.

Fans have nevertheless commented on Verstappen’s response to Perez’s triumph despite the fact that Red Bull and Verstappen have not made any official announcements or provided any explanations.

The tension between the reigning champion and Perez during the race itself is heightened by the post-race spectacle. Verstappen asked the Red Bull crew who had the fastest lap and what it was in the closing stages of the race.

“We’re not concerned about that at the moment, Max.” a Red Bull engineer replied.

However, Verstappen was having none of it as he replied: “Yeah, but I am.”

Max Verstappen recovered from his early retirement from qualifying to place second, but the defending champion was not happy with the outcome.

“It’s not only about the pace of the car, we need to make sure we are reliable without any issues,””Verstappen told the press.

“My first weekend was not very clean because of just the big balance shift from testing to the race weekend, some other things which were going on in the background.”

“Now again, after three positive practice sessions, I have an issue in qualifying. Of course, I recovered the second, which is good.”

“In general the whole feeling in the team, everyone is happy. But personally, I’m not happy because I’m not here to be second.”

After the controversial incident at the Brazilian Grand Prix last year, when Verstappen disobeyed team orders to let Perez past him on the last lap, the latest chapter in their rivalry has emerged.

Gianpiero Lambiase, the race engineer, gave the defending champion many instructions, but he repeatedly refused to follow them and gave an equally icy explanation when asked why.

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