Verstappen gets away with a warning after qualifying incident

Verstappen gets away with a warning after qualifying incident

Max Verstappen secured pole position earlier today ahead of Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix race.

However, the qualifying session did not go without the typical drama in Formula 1 flair. During their out laps in the third phase of the qualifying session, Verstappen and Lando Norris came dangerously close to colliding. This came as Oracle Red Bull Racing’s driver warmed up his tyres and Norris, who was passing quickly at the 130R corner, had to move his McLaren onto the grass.

The stewards looked into the situation after the session, and they determined that the driving was unsafe. An hour after the session ended, an official FIA statement was made public in which it was revealed that Verstappen will receive a reprimand for his actions.

“The driver of car 1 was aware of car 55 in front and car 4 approaching from behind and decided to accelerate at precisely the same time as car 4 decided to overtake car 1,” the official statement from FIA read.

“Unfortunately, due to lack of tyre temperature on car 1, the driver temporarily lost control of the car causing it to ‘snap’ anti-clockwise.”

“The driver of car 4 stated that this was simply an unfortunate incident however it is the driver’s responsibility to at all times maintain control of their car. Regarding penalty, all previous breaches of this nature have resulted in a Reprimand hence a similar penalty is imposed in this case.”

“Competitors are reminded that they have the right to appeal certain decisions of the Stewards, in accordance with Article 15 of the FIA International Sporting Code and Chapter 4 of the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules, within the applicable time limits.”

Verstappen will start from the pole tomorrow in an attempt to win his second World Championship this weekend.

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