Red Bull’s 2024 F1 car spotted making track debut ahead of team launch

Red Bull's 2024 F1 car spotted making track debut ahead of team launch

Red Bull’s new 2024 F1 car was spotted making its track debut at Silverstone two days ahead of the official team launch.

Red Bull Racing was back in action at Silverstone on Tuesday morning with Max Verstappen reportedly participating in the team’s new RB20 track debut two days before the car’s official reveal.

Max Verstappen could be seen driving the RB20 in a footage taken at the British Grand Prix’s home track as the team appeared to be conducting a filming day with their new car, which allows them to run up to 200 km.

Before the season begins, teams are usually allowed to do 200-kilometer maximum shakedown runs, or filming days for marketing purposes. Only two of these days are granted throughout the year.

Red Bull is the third different squad in action at Silverstone in as many days after Haas tested their VF-24 on Sunday at the track, and Aston Martin’s brand-new AMR24 made its first run yesterday.

Mercedes’ W15 is scheduled to arrive at the circuit tomorrow when the team stages its official unveiling, resuming the series of debuts.

Little is known about the RB20’s differences from its all-conquering predecessor from the photos and videos that were uploaded on X, but everything points to an evolutionary design, as Red Bull CTO Adrian Newey stated earlier this year.

According to Verstappen and Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey, the RB20 maintains the same design ethos as its wildly successful forerunners. Verstappen is aiming for his fourth consecutive driver’s championship as the team has taken home the constructors championship for the past two years.

Red Bull is hoping to carry on one of the most successful streaks by a Formula 1 team ever as they enter the 2024 season after they won 21 out of 22 grand prix last year. However, the Milton Keynes-based outfit continues to experience some upheaval, with team principal Christian Horner perhaps facing a devastating end to his career.

A Red Bull middle management employee has accused Horner of “inappropriate behaviour” in a case that is claimed to involve controlling and coercive behavior. The allegations have been strongly refuted by the Brit.

An investigation is currently underway, and the parent company Red Bull has engaged an independent lawyer to provide insight into the claims. Still, the issue continues to be handled in a process that may take shape after the 2024 Formula 1 season begins.

Horner attended Red Bull’s RB20 shakedown on Tuesday at Silverstone.

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