Pedro Acosta set for MotoGP debut with KTM

Pedro Acosta set for MotoGP debut with KTM

Pedro Acosta has decided that he desires to move up to MotoGP for the upcoming season putting the responsibility squarely on KTM.

Massive rumors have been circulating that Pedro Acosta is going to switch to MotoGP in 2024, and it appears that he has finally informed KTM that he is willing to race under the team in 2024. As a result, the Austrian manufacturer is now faced with a challenge.

KTM will find a spot for Acosta as he moves up to MotoGP in 2024, accepting his existing contract with the Austrian brand.

Acosta has confidence in KTM and will uphold his end of the bargain, which keeps him committed to the Austrian brand at least through the end of 2024. With this choice, KTM must now take action and make room within its MotoGP seats for the Spaniard for the upcoming season.

This indicates that Acosta will speak with other teams and manufactures to gain a MotoGP ride in 2024 if KTM does not create room for him.

KTM had been considering whether to keep the 19-year-old in Moto2 for an additional season before looking to promote him in 2025 but changed their decision after the French GP last month.

For the 2024 season, KTM has four riders under contract to ride its four bikes. Therefore, KTM will need to find a way for Acosta to slot in if they intend on holding onto their promising Spaniard, whether that means letting go of one of their present riders or possibly forming a new squad for Acosta.

Acosta’s management believes that now is the ideal time for them to get him into the KTM MotoGP, and the rider is eager to give back to the brand for its confidence in him ever since he joined its official ranks at the end of 2020.

“We want to give KTM the first opportunity to go up to MotoGP with them, beyond the options contemplated in the contract,” Acosta’s manager Albert Valera told “KTM has always been very good to Pedro, and he is very grateful.”

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The 19-year-old has won four races so far this season and currently ranks second in the Moto2 Championship. Acosta thinks he is prepared to move up to the elite class as a result of his achievements.

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