Masi’s name missing on the January 2022 FIA Organisational structure

Masi's name missing on the January 2022 FIA Organisational structure

Michael Masi has been removed from the single-seater headline of the FIA General Organisation Chart for the month of January 2022, along with his colleague Nikolas Tombazis.

Michael Masi was the race director for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which took place on this day a month ago. The race cost Sir Lewis Hamilton his eighth championship making him remain silent on all of his social media accounts up to date.

According to reports, the seven-time World Champion has lost some faith in the FIA, and it is unclear whether he will return to the sport this year. On the other hand, Mercedes is seeking appropriate measures to demonstrate justice in the wake of circumstances that cost them a major race.

Comparing the October 2021 organizational structure to that of January 2022, one can see there have been many changes, such as the President and his deputies. The names of Michael Masi and Nikolas Tombazis are missing from the 2022 chart, however, there is no confirmation in regards to their futures.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem replaced Jean Todt as FIA President, while Robert Reid replaced Graham Stoker as Deputy President Sport. Carmelo Sanz de Barros has replaced Brian Gibbons as Senate President, and Tim Shearman has replaced Thierry Willermarck as Deputy President Mobility.

Bayer remains the Secretary General for Motorsport, but he is also occupying the position of Single-Seater in place of Masi and Tombazis.

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