Hulkenberg for 2021 Redbull seat?

Hulkenberg for 2021 Redbull seat?

There are a lot of speculations that Max Verstappen will be receiving a new teammate at Redbull for 2021 F1 season. This has come as a result of underperforming Albon who has yet to get to the required standards of the Formula 1 team. However, the biggest question is who is up to the task to join the United Kingdom based Austrian outfit. Robert Doornbos tries to highlight the driver possibilities given that Verstappen has a very huge influence on the driver decision.

Alexander Albon on the other hand, after his mistake in the Emilia Romagna GP now looks on the very edge and there is certainity that he might be leaving Redbull. The 24-year old has had an year and a half to prove his worth for the team but has not been performing well enough to cement his seat for the 2021 F1 season. Doornbos goes ahead to discuss the possibilities as he takes into consideration the influence Verstappen has on Redbull.

“Max has indeed been asked about his preference and he has indicated that he would be happy with the arrival of Nico Hulkenberg. He has good contact with them and of course, Nico has given his business card with his raids for Racing Point,” says the former Formula 1 driver. However, he still sees an option.

“There is another hijacker on the coast and that is Sergio Perez. In Imola, he has once again shown that he has amazing racing skills and is constantly able to finish in the points. He is therefore an important candidate for the seat. Max certainly has influence, but he is not the deciding factor.”

Doornbos was also asked why Kevin Magnussen is never mentioned, but the Dutchman is very clear about that. “He scored a nice podium on his debut for McLaren and shows beautiful things with Haas despite the limited material, but I don’t see him as a candidate. Red Bull looks outside the talent pool, but not at Magnussen. He would be ideal for Indy Car,” concludes the former Indy Car driver.

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