Australian Grand Prix to have four DRS zones

Australian Grand Prix to have four DRS zones

This weekend’s Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 race at Albert Park will feature four DRS zones positioned around the track.

With a fourth zone added to the reconfigured Albert Park Circuit, Formula 1 drivers are expected to use the Drag Reduction System (DRS) more than ever before at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

As a result of the adjustments, an extra DRS zone will be added to the circuit, according to an updated graphic on the official Formula 1 website.

The sport previously employed three zones on the circuit, but after several revisions to the track layout for the 2022 event, that number has been increased.

Even though an additional DRS zone has been added, only two detection points will be used. The first DRS detection point is located after Turn 6’s right-hander, and it will serve the zones between Turns 8 and 9 as well as Turns 10 and 11.

The chicane that used to separate Turns 9 and 10 will be deleted in 2022, allowing drivers to use DRS to blast full speed towards the fast left/right sequence that is presently Turns 9 and 10. After Turn 10, as they approach Turn 11, they can deploy DRS once more.

The second detection point is located before to the penultimate corner of the lap, and will correlate to the DRS utilized on the start-finish straight and the straight between Turns 2 and 3.

For the first time since 2019, F1 will race at Albert Park this weekend, after the 2020 and 2021 rounds were canceled due to Covid-19.

Several corners have been expanded to aid overtaking around the circuit, in addition to the removal of the slow speed chicane in the middle sector.

Sakhir (Bahrain), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), the Red Bull Ring (Austria), and the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez are the only circuits on the F1 calendar that have had more than three DRS zones in the past (Mexico).

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