Kevin Magnussen used cups to support his neck in the Saudi Arabian GP

Kevin Magnussen used cups to support his neck in the Saudi Arabian GP

After experiencing the effects of not being in an F1 car for 14 months, Haas resorted to utilizing “cups” to support Kevin Magnussen’s neck at the Jeddah circuit.

Magnussen’s return to Formula One has been a triumph, with the driver scoring points in both of the season’s first two races, but it has also been a difficult one.

Magnussen literally felt his time slip away as he completed laps around the high-speed Jeddah Corniche Circuit for round two, his neck muscles straining so much so that during the race, Haas utilized cups to support his neck.

“The neck is nowhere,” GPFans quoted Magnussen after finishing P9 in the Saudi Arabian Grand prix.

“I hope it will come back soon… we put these cups on the side so I could lean.”

“It is what it is, I’ve got to get stronger but we scored two points, so [I’m] super happy.”

“You rest your head on the headrest, but you lose so much feeling for the car, and also visually you’re looking in the wrong direction, so it’s not great,” he explained his neck troubles, which began during his qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. “And that’s what I was forced to do because my neck just wouldn’t hold it.”

Magnussen was thankful that car issues limited his running during practice sessions because the problem was so bad.

“I’m glad I didn’t have that [practice] preparation because my neck would be done already before qualifying,” Magnussen said. “My neck just broke in Q3, I just couldn’t drive it anymore, so it’s tough for that.

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“When you’ve been out of an F1 car for a year and a track like this – a great track, it’s nothing towards the track – but I’m just not prepared for it.”

“I’m glad I’ve got perhaps one of the best physios in the world here with me, Thomas [Jorgensen], and he’ll be able to do his magic hopefully.”

Magnussen will be hopeful that his neck heals in time for the Australian Grand Prix. The driver is looking to finish in the top ten for the third time in a row.

“This year, we’ve got a fairly excellent all-around car,” he remarked.

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