Alpine could leave F1 amid recent controversies

Alpine could leave F1 amid recent controversies

Karun Chandhok has examined Alpine’s challenging time and feels that the team might leave Formula 1, much like Toyota did.

Alpine announced the departures of its team principal, Otmar Szafnauer, technical director Pat Fry, and sporting director Alan Permane at the Belgian Grand Prix, forcing the team to undergo a massive internal restructure.

Renault made a comeback to Formula 1 in 2016 after a lengthy absence, this time with significant long-term goals. For the 2021 season, the Enstone-based team adopted the name Alpine to support its road car brand.

Significant changes resulted from the name change, but success has eluded them. Alpine is currently the sixth team on the grid.

Due to the significant effort and money committed, which have not resulted in much success on the track, Chandhok is concerned that Alpine may leave Formula 1 soon.

“The reality is that they are the sixth best team on the grid with the sixth fastest car,” said Chandhok in an interview with Sky Sports. “But they are the third largest global brand in the automotive world. Your results are not good enough.

“My concern is if they are going to continue with managers who come from outside the world of motorsport and Formula 1.

“If you look at the people who are in some departments of Enstone, they have been signed up from the road car division.

“Perhaps now you are asking the question that the Renault corporation The same thing happened to Toyota 20 years ago.

“They are going down a path where they can throw in the towel with Formula 1 or they are going down a corporate path that I am convinced is not going to work.”

Alpine’s restructuring process has already started, and important players have already joined the group. Pat Fry will be replaced in the technical department by Matt Harman, and further names are pending confirmation.

“Three great figures have left,” added Chandhok. “Alan Permane had been there for more than 33 years and Pat Fry seems to have left on his own, no one has thrown him out.

“He is a great signing for Williams and at Alpine I think there is a lack of direction For me, they have fired important people in the operational aspect and from within the track.

“So I think you already know where your problems are.”

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