four-time Champion Sebastian Vettel has been revealed by new team Aston Martin (formerly Racing Point / Force India) on social media, entering the building.

Not much of a news piece, but interesting to see the ex Ferrari and Red Bull driver now wearing green, the colours of the British marque.

Aston Martin, who competed as Racing Point last year, are the latest re-birth of a Silverstone-based team whose lineage goes back to the one founded by Irish entrepreneur Jordan in 1991.

The former team boss Eddie Jordan made some comments that could some F1 fans raise an eyebrow or two claiming the arrival of Vettel might help Lance Stroll become a World Champion.

“We were all maybe thinking ‘is that the right thing with Lance [joining the team]?’, and you’d have to say that Lance’s speed is undoubted now,” said Jordan.

“You have to look at him as a driver that sometimes he doesn’t always show his speed as much as he should, or can do.

“He has enormous talent. And he has the speed to be a world champion, he really, really does. But what I would like to see is more consistency. You go to a race and I’m not sure what I’m likely to see from Lance.

“I think Vettel coming can help them to do that. I think that Vettel may spur him on, just like Vettel spurred on Leclerc”

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