Spa-Francorchamps is one of the circuits that requires lower downforce, it preceded by Autodromo Monza which requires maximum aerodynamic system to put the car down in most of the straights.

However Spa-Francorchamps has numerous low-speed sections requiring more downforce than Monza, this means that aerodynamic packages for the circuit specifically through the Ardennes are of the same level as those seen at Silverstone which is a speed circuit.

Several Formula 1 teams have brought with them new wings to lower downforce at the Belgium grand prix to try and boost their straightline performance and also top speed.

Mclaren has made a few changes to their wing as seen at the Spanish grand prix in Barcelona by raising the mainplane to cutoff the overall drag produced by the projection of the wing. They have also shortened the gurney flap (black trim on the edge of the railing of the wing).

The Haas Formula 1 team also made significant change to their wing as their VF20 car was spotted in their garage with their new downforce wing. The upper part that features traditional v-shaped cut outs at quarter and three quarter points along the wing, a shorter chord length is used to make it slim.

the new wing for the vf-20

The wing mainplane has been moved upwards to reduce the total area of the wing, reducing most of the drag.

This is the direction that the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team has taken by adding a spoon-like section to the centre of the wing to increase the area which generates most downforce .The leading edge is curved channeling up at the outer board to create a lower downforce section to either side of the wing’s centre.

These seems to be distinct ways of providing solution to downforce and drag and may be the answer to the lack of power on the straights that the Ferrari power unit experiences.

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