Lewis Hamilton in support of athletes’ protests against Jacob Blake shooting

Lewis Hamilton has spoken about the shows of solidarity in the United States against the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin county last week saying he was “Inspired and proud”.

The 6-time world champion however has no plans to boycott the Belgian grand prix as the athletes in United States who are in protest against racism and racial injustices.

Fixtures in the NBA, WNBA, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer were on Wednesday postponed following boycotts, sparked by the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team refusing to leave their locker room.

Tennis player Naomi Osaka pulled out of a major tournament in New York set for Thursday, with Lewis Hamilton writing on Instagram that he was “so proud” of her decision.

The Formula 1 champion said that he will not be considering boycotting the Sunday’s grand prix but takes a lot of inspiration from the player-led protests in the United States and fully feel aligned with them in the fight for social justice.

Hamilton has been leading the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months calling for greater diversity and equal opportunity both in Motorsport and the society at large.

“Ultimately it’s disgusting that minorities and people out there have to protest to get justice, and even when they do, justice is still not given,” Hamilton told Sky Sports when asked about the events in the USA.

“It’s such a mess over there but I’m really so inspired and proud of the other athletes out there that are utilising the platform they have, using their voice.”

Other Formula 1 drivers stood up in solidarity with Lewis Hamilton, with Daniel Ricciardo saying the Formula 1 drivers have to discuss the ongoing events around the world.

“It’s devastating that’s the thing, it’s like when is it enough? I’m not one to read the news to be honest, but when I do, especially this now you just shake your head in disbelief.”

“If there’s something we can do of course I think we will. Let’s try to do something, but we have to have that discussion.”

Sebastian Vettel also echoed on Hamilton’s thoughts saying they are quite happy as drivers for their actions against racial discrimination and will keep sending the same message.

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