Mercedes announced their 2022 title sponsors but big names such as Epson and Bose were missing.

Mercedes recently announced their sponsors’ list for the 2022 season barely a week after Mission Winnow terminated their partnership with Ferrari.

As usual, INEOS and Petronas were presented as Mercedes’ principal partners and title partners, respectively. As we moved our eyes toward the list of team partners, we noticed Epson and Bose were missing.

Given that the conversations mostly happen behind closed doors, it is very difficult to figure out the actual reason behind Bose’s departure from Mercedes. Therefore, one can only speculate, and that’s what we’re doing. In fact, Bose and Mercedes were doing well as a partnership, hardly running into any difficulties.

In 2021, there was one moment which might have triggered a possible no-go in the pair’s high-flying partnership. It was the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which took place in Jeddah as the penultimate round of the season.

Verstappen and Hamilton were battling for the lead when the Red Bull driver allegedly ‘braked-tested,’ causing Hamilton to crash into the back of the Red Bull, damaging his front wing. Steering clear of the incident itself, the talk of the day was on the live reaction of Mercedes’ Toto Wolff after the incident happened.

On live television, an enraged Wolff smashed his Bose headphone by slamming it against the table. As a result, the headset shattered into two half, with only a wire holding the pieces together.

This could not have been a really good sight for Bose And most important of all, the moment may have been considered disrespectful to the brand forcing it to terminate its partnership with the team.

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