Lando Norris has confirmed his relationship with model girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira by posting a picture of them kissing on Instagram to his millions of followers.

In response to months of speculation from fans, Lando Norris has confirmed model Luisinha Oliveira to be his girlfriend.

In the picture posted on Tuesday, the 22-year old is shown kissing the Portuguese model in a desert in Dubai with the caption, “My sunshine”.

The McLaren driver rebuffed numerous attempts by fans and interviewers to reveal details about his love life before finally confirming his relationship with Oliveira who is also of the same age as he is.

After posting the picture to his 4.7 million Instagram followers, fans poured into the comments section and on Twitter to express their joy.

One fan was in awe of the picture: “Well this is just the cutest post I’ve ever seen.”

“Wholesome content we love to see,” another said.

Carlos Sainz, a former McLaren teammate and current Ferrari ace, also chimed in: “It’s official,” much to the delight of fans. Sainz and Norris are great friends on and off the track.

There were also jokes that Norris’ millions of supporters would be “heartbroken” at the news.

“And suddenly thousands of heartbreaks through-out the world all happened at the same time,” a fan wrote.

It looks like Norris’ 2022 is going well after he finished sixth in the drivers’ standings in 2021.

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