French driver Romain Grosjean revealed his injured hands free of bandages on Tuesday, six weeks after he clambered from the fiery wreckage of his car following an horrific accident at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The 34-year-old, who has now left Formula One, suffered burns to both hands when his Haas car split in two and erupted in flames after piercing a metal crash barrier.

Grosjean, a veteran of 179 Grand Prix starts, was engulfed in the flames for 28 seconds before he clambered out, with the assistance of FAI doctor Ian Roberts and medical car driver Alan van der Merwe. He has been recovering at home in Switzerland since leaving hospital three days after the accident, missing the last two races of 2020.

“Dressing fully off and Petrus happy,” he said on Twitter above a picture of him cradling the family pet cat and another close up of his hands, the left looking purple and raw.”

Grosjean had the dressings on his right hand removed last month.

The father of three said he could “clearly” feel his hands burning on the chassis of his stricken car when he pulled himself from the vehicle.

“For the sake of my children, I told myself I had to get out. I put my hands in the fire and I could clearly feel my hands burning on the chassis,” Grosjean said after the accident.

“There’s going to be some psychological work to be done, because I really saw death coming. When you see images, not even Hollywood is capable of doing that,” Grosjean told French broadcaster TF1 from his hospital bed in Bahrain.

“To come out of the flames that day is something that will mark my life forever.”

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