Porsche and Volkswagen group consider entering Formula 1

Porsche and Volkswagen group consider entering Formula 1

Porsche and parent company the Volkswagen Group are considering entering Formula 1.

Any move depends on the direction of the sport’s next engine regulations, which are due to be introduced in 2025.

Porsche Motorsport vice-president Fritz Enzinger told BBC Sport: “It would be of great interest if aspects of sustainability – for instance, the implementation of e-fuels – play a role in this.

“Should these aspects be confirmed, we will evaluate them in detail within the VW Group and discuss further steps.”

E-fuels are carbon-neutral fuels that can power internal combustion engines without the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuels.

They come in a number of forms, including bio-fuels, which are made from bio-mass, and synthetic fuels, which are manufactured by an industrial process that captures carbon from the atmosphere.

F1 has committed to making e-fuels a central part of the sport from 2025.

Senior F1 figures say Porsche has been involved in the discussion around the new engine rules.

Enzinger said: “Porsche and Volkswagen AG are observing the constantly changing regulations in all relevant racing series around the world. This is also the case with regard to the emerging new engine and drivetrain regulation for Formula 1 from 2025.”

Talks between relevant parties over the new F1 rules have moved on to the detail of regulations, which are part of a wider plan for the sport to achieve net-zero carbon status by 2030.

Enzinger said Porsche and VW were “currently not actively represented in these forums”.

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