Mick Schumacher pays tribute to his dad with new 2022 helmet design

Mick Schumacher pays tribute to his dad with new 2022 helmet design

Mick Schumacher has unveiled a new helmet design for the 2022 Formula 1 season that pays homage to his father Michael Schumacher.

Haas driver Mick Schumacher will wear a new kind of helmet in honor of his father Michael Schumacher who is a legendary Ferrari driver holding seven championship titles and also the best of all time.

The 22-year-old is on his second season with Haas, as well as serving as a reserve for Ferrari, the team that is synonymous with his father’s remarkable success.

Mick Schumacher’s helmet will feature the Chinese dragon which was a symbol worn by his father during his long and successful racing career. The dragon was first linked to the famous Schumacher moniker after it was used as a symbol for the seven-time world champion during his racing days in a Chinese publication.

This year, the sign, which denotes both power and strength, will make a comeback on the circuit, this time donned by the racing legend’s son.

Along with the Chinese dragon, Schumacher Jr’s helmet also features seven stars, which his father wore on his headwear long before he won his seventh world championship title.

Mick Schumacher enters the new year after a fruitless debut campaign, where he didn’t score any points with Haas but at just 22 years old, he has a promising F1 career ahead of him.

This comes as Haas made a track debut in Barcelona with their new 2022 championship contender, the VF22 following implementation of new F1 rules and regulations to make the sport more competitive. The German will, be donning the new helmet gearing into the 2022 season.

Schumacher indicated that he wants his team to score points on a regular basis this year, after a poor 2021 season that saw them finish last in the standings.

“I think it’s important to look back, to learn and to see what we could’ve done better,” Mick said.

“Obviously this year is an important year. I think we have all the car tools in place, hopefully, which will bring us forwards and hopefully consistently in the points.”

“I think it’s a year where everybody can show what they have.”

“Obviously it’s new regulations, teams are now able to show that they’ve been working very hard and it kind of pays off… but same for the drivers.”

“We are able now to show that we can adapt and adapt quickly to a new car and I think that’s something that I would set as a target… trying to adapt as quick as possible to the new regulations and a new car.”

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