Mercedes teases with W12 livery

Mercedes teases with W12 livery

Mercedes has been warming up fans on social media over the past few days for the unveiling of their new F1 car. They will present it in just over a week on Tuesday 2 March. On Monday 22 February they gave a sneak preview on Twitter.

Actual technical changes cannot be seen on this ‘teaser’, but one thing is clear and that is that Mercedes will keep its word. Last year there was doubt in the media whether Mercedes would start with a black livery in 2021 or whether they would go back to the traditional silver. Mercedes said then that they intend to continue their campaign against racism with the black livery.

It must be a very strange colour palette if the car is not predominantly black. Prominently present is the red star. Mercedes has already indicated that in honour of the deceased Niki Lauda it will always be there, but it is more prominent than last year, as can be seen just behind the head of the driver.

The red of main sponsor INEOS also returns on the airbox. On the photo it seems to be a slightly brighter shade of red than last year and it also continues downwards. Given the larger share that INEOS now has in the team, it would not be surprising that the red colour is more prominent this year.

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