Max Verstappen has announced the formation of his own racing team, Racing, with full support from Red Bull.

The reigning World Champion is well-known for his love of racing in both the virtual and real worlds, and his new team will combine the two with drivers who will compete in both real life and on the screen under Racing.

In the real world, Jos Verstappen, the team’s father and former Formula One driver, will compete in the Belgian Rally Championship, while Thierry Vermuelen will make his ADAC GT Masters debut with the team’s help.

Team Redline, with whom Verstappen has already won races like as the Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours, will represent Racing in the virtual world.

He stated he’s loved working with Red Bull on his new endeavour and that he plans to use his own driving knowledge to assist any up-and-coming talent placed under his supervision.

After signing a deal through 2028 with Verstappen earlier this year, Red Bull, a founding partner of the team, emphasised their “trust and commitment” to one other.

Verstappen said: “Racing has always been my biggest passion in life, from the moment I first stepped into a go-kart until today. Besides my own Formula 1 career, racing is what I dedicate most of my time to.”

“I am truly happy that, with the Racing team, I can share the love for racing with drivers and teams I feel closely connected to.”

“Apart from the fun it brings me, I can also share my racing knowledge with them, which hopefully helps everybody to improve themselves.”

“After agreeing upon a long-term deal with Red Bull Racing earlier this year, I am very happy to be part of the Red Bull family for many years to come.”

“The close partnership with Red Bull as a company is also reflected in the fact that they are supporting the Racing team for the coming years, which makes me very proud. I can’t wait to get started and keep pushing flat out.”

Verstappen is currently 46 points behind runaway World Championship leader Charles Leclerc after three races in the 2022 Formula One championship standings, owing to his two retirements, one in Bahrain GP and the other at the Australian GP last weekend.

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