Martin Brundle offered a cameo appearance in Brad Pitt’s movie

Martin Brundle offered a cameo appearance in Brad Pitt's movie

Brad Pitt has now offered former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle a cameo appearance in his upcoming Formula 1 movie after initially ignoring the Sky Sports commentator.

During his grid walk before to the 2022 US GP, Brundle who is renowned for interviewing stars and celebrities ahead of Formula 1 races approached Pitt. Although others such as Ed Sheeran made time for a conversation, the actor did not stop for Brundle.

Pitt has attended even more Formula 1 events, most recently Sunday’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. He had a more in-depth conversation with Brundle this time round and offered the cameo.

In an interview with Brundle for a Sky Sports feature, Pitt revealed the upcoming film, for which it is believed that filming got underway over Silverstone race weekend.

“I would be a guy who raced in the 90s,” Pitt told Brundle, explaining his character in the movie. “In fact, I would have been on the track with you at some point, so you’ve got to do a cameo.”

British actor Damson Idris is one of the actors that will be cast, and director Joseph Kosinski associated with “Top Gun: Maverick” is committed to the project.

Before hearing more specifics about the casting, Brundle responded that he would “love to” oblige. Javier Bardem, who plays the team owner and buddy of Pitt’s character and recruits him to the struggling squad will also appear in the film, according to the American actor.

Pitt’s appearance at Silverstone included driving at the renowned British track, which he said made him feel “giddy.” Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc addressed questions about the Hollywood star’s presence, which had raised fears that it would distract drivers.

“In the end, one more camera or one less camera, I don’t think we realise it that much,” Leclerc said. “I think it’s amazing for the sport, though, I think it’s great.

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“It gives us really big visibility, big reach to people that might not know or might not be interested so much into Formula 1.

“Just for them to understand it in a better way, in a more lucrative way. And with the movie, I think is the best possible way.

“So no, or at least for me, it won’t add any pressure, but I don’t think [it will] for anybody as we are getting used to having cameras around.”

Max Verstappen, who is now leading the championship won the British Grand Prix to extend his advantage over the other contenders as a whole. However, there was a strong British performance, with Lewis Hamilton securing the final podium place and Lando Norris getting second.

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