Brad Pitt hit 150mph at Silverstone unnoticed

Brad Pitt hit 150mph at Silverstone unnoticed

Even though Brad Pitt is one of the most famous actors on the planet, he seemed to go unnoticed as he sped through Silverstone at 150 mph.

Brad Pitt spent the weekend filming at the renowned Silverstone track while actual races were taking place, because it was the setting for an upcoming Formula One-inspired movie. After the British Grand Prix’s F1 qualifying, Brad Pitt sped around Silverstone, however nobody really noticed.

Pitt has spent the whole weekend in and around the paddock, which serves as both a filming location and a setting for his on-screen character, Sonny Hayes.

The Hollywood celebrity had the opportunity to demonstrate his skills on Saturday. He was a member of the “11th team” last weekend, driving a customized Formula 2 car for on-track scenes.

Pitt is receiving guidance from some of the top racers for the film while the specifics of the Formula 1 movie remain a secret. Actually, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is helping out on the movie and is assisting the star in his preparation for the action-packed scenes.

Pitt drove at speeds of 150 mph while filming alongside another F2 car, but no one thought it was really him driving. Additionally, 20 hidden cameras were filming the race while 100,000 fans watched the Bullet Train star race around the track.

However, out of the 100,000 spectators that were present on qualifying day at Silverstone, none of them realized that Brad Pitt was actually behind the wheel; they thought it was a stunt driver.

“Nobody knew it was Brad; we thought it was a random F2 car,” said Marc Frith, 48, from Milton Keynes to The Telegraph.

“If that was him, he was pretty impressive, he didn’t hold back,” added Jamie Kingston, 25, from Deal, Kent.

F1 fans will regrettably have to wait to see more of Pitt behind the wheel, since the untitled film has no set release date. However, Brad Pitt is working tirelessly to get the movie produced given that he is a huge motor racing fan.

Pitt has also been putting in a lot of work at Winfield Racing School to prepare for the role, hitting speeds of almost 200 mph despite being older than any other F1 driver.

He even finished a lap at the historic Le Mans racetrack in France before joining the film’s production team as a producer. Additionally, Top Gun: Maverick producer Joseph Kosinski and Pirates of the Caribbean franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer are collaborating on the Apple movie.

Pitt will play as Sonny Hayes in the movie, an experienced F1 racer who returns to the track after a 30-year hiatus.

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