The question of whether Sergio Perez can be a welcome second driver with the Red Bull team is still in the air. Whether the driver, as the darling of a huge and growing Mexican Formula 1 audience at Liberty Media, can leave the sport, now appears to be a matter for discussion.

Also in 2021 the GP of Mexico is on the program again, a race weekend that in 2019 managed to attract some 345,000 visitors. It is therefore logical that Sergio Perez’ exodus from Formula 1 Liberty Media will hurt his wallet.

Roberto Chinchero speculates on that the team of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko may have had a call from Liberty about the possible contracting of the Mexican. “It is difficult to think that this question has not also been asked in the offices of Liberty Media, and it is therefore not impossible to think that a phone call was made to Milton Keynes, although it will only be to be informed of the decision of Red Bull”.

“Not only the career of Checo is at stake, but also the relationship of Formula 1 with a nation that has shown a growing interest in Formula 1 in recent years”, said Chinchero.

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