Lewis Hamilton is not approachable as he used to be

Lewis Hamilton is not approachable as he used to be

Lewis Hamilton is no longer the approachable chap of yesteryear with Martin Brundle saying he is “confused” by the champ’s demeanour during interviews.

Brundle has had a front row seat for Hamilton’s Formula 1 career, commentating on it from lap 1 in 2007 all the way through to the Briton’s seventh World title.

However, during that time he has noticed a change in the 36-year-old who is no longer so open with the media.

Brundle, however, does not hold it against Hamilton, acknowledging that after 14 years on the Formula 1 grid the Mercedes driver is probably “a little bit fatigued” by it all.

He told PA Sport: “He is not as approachable as he used to be but he is a global megastar and he is a little bit fatigued by all the demands we have to make on him.

“I don’t always feel good when I sit down to interview him. I sometimes feel like saying ‘hey, Lewis, it’s me, we have made a lot of TV together over the years and we have known each other for a long time’.

“I get confused by his initial demeanour. Then I find that he settles down and off we go.

“But who have I had the most enjoyment commentating on? Lewis. Watching him from the first corner of his first lap in Melbourne to winning seven World Championships last year in Turkey has been extraordinary.”

Brundle recently stated he also felt Hamilton was “grumpy” after his Mercedes negotiations only led to a new one-year deal.

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