The Jakarta E-Prix will take place on June 4 as planned, following the selection of a venue for the Formula E race and the start of construction on the basic track layout in the Indonesian city.

The race was originally slated for 2019-20, but it has had a difficult gestation due to a combination of political, location, and Covid-19 difficulties.

The event was planned to take place near the Monas national monument in Jakarta’s downtown area, however local legislative issues halted and ultimately curtailed the plan in 2019.

The race will now be held near the beach on the edge of Jakarta Bay, looking out to the Java Sea, with the ninth round of the 2022 world championship slated to be held close to the beach on the edge of Jakarta Bay looking out to the Java Sea.

A procurement phase is currently underway, with the initial build phase being somewhat delayed from January to this month. Initial plans called for the project to begin on the 15th of January, but this was delayed until the 31st of January to confirm local contractors.

Staff from Formula E Operations have visited the site on multiple occasions and will do so again later this month as the construction nears completion in early March.

Alberto Longo, Formula E’s chief operations officer and deputy CEO, revealed that half of the course has already been built.

“Because its tarmac and the other 50% needs to be developed, they basically have done the procurement and selected who is going to be the producer, the manufacturer, etc,” Alberto said.

“The plan is to finish latest by the second or third of March. Before that, both the FIA and ourselves, will go there, we’ll check how the works are going and hopefully start with the process of homologating the track.”

In addition to the initial race in June, the arrangement to host a Jakarta E-Prix is thought to last for three years, with races in 2023 and 2024.

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