In the 2021 Formula 1 season, sprint races are likely to be held at a number of Saturday race weekends. A new idea from the management, which Nico Hulkenberg described as ‘rubbish’.

Nico Hulkenberg announced on Monday that he will work for Servus TV in 2021. Red Bull’s station broadcasts all Formula 1 races in Austria. According to him, Formula 1 has nothing to gain from sprint races.

”It is rubbish. It sounds to me like something artificial to create excitement. The teams and manufacturers put a lot of money in this sport and thousands of people are involved, and then something like this is thrown at them. It doesn’t fit with Formula 1, where sometimes unexpected things can happen,” the German said according to

According to the man, who is reportedly still considering a possible reserve role at Mercedes and Aston Martin, Formula 1 does not need this kind of measure at all. ”The main race as we know it on Sunday is still worth more than a sprint race on Saturday. You have the main event with one winner”, concludes Hulkenberg.

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