Hamilton dealt a huge blow after dream event gets canceled

Hamilton dealt a huge blow after dream event gets canceled

Lewis Hamilton won’t be delighted about the devastating blow to the possibilities of an African Formula 1 event.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has lost a second Formula One ambition in a matter of days as organizers back out of a proposed race in South Africa. Hamilton is a strong supporter of the occasion and previously said it would be a “dream” to race in the continent.

However, it’s believed that F1 executives abandoned a race in Kyalami due to political differences. The decision to scrap the potential location, according to RacingNews365, was made as a result of South Africa’s alliance with Russia.

The deal’s financial specifics caused initial discussions for a race to fall through. The promoter, 777, a sports investment firm, had taken over, and there was hope that a deal could be worked out. It is likely that the Belgian Grand Prix will continue for another season owing to the decision not to proceed with a race at Kyalami.

The Belgian Grand Prix has been under threat; just a one-year extension was approved by its management last season. Nigel Mansell won the 1993 Grand Prix at Kyalami, which last hosted a race 30 years ago.

This year’s F1 season is one of the longest on record with 24 races initially scheduled, despite having already lost the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was also postponed a few weeks earlier due to flooding and heavy rain in the Imola area. Although it hasn’t been officially announced, it’s unlikely that Ferrari’s home race in Italy will be moved to a later date this year.

Hamilton admitted to deliberately advocating for a race in South Africa to ESPN earlier this season. The Mercedes driver acknowledged that he was pleading with F1 executives to “make the race happen” in an effort to meet with fans on the continent.

“Yeah I’ve been chatting about having a race in Miami and the next one I’ve been talking about is South Africa and that’s what I’m pushing for in the background,” Hamilton said. “So hopefully you’ll see that come to light soon as well.

“It’s a real big dream for me to race in South Africa, and race in Africa in my career is a huge, huge dream for me.

“I know I have a big following out there and I know a lot of people are into Formula 1 now there so I’m pushing as hard as I can in the background and I’m going high up to make sure we have that race happen.”

The setback comes only a few days after Hamilton appeared to have given up on achieving another F1 ambition. Despite earlier saying it would be a “dream position” to drive for Ferrari, the seven-time champion stated he was set to sign a new contract extension at Mercedes.

Hamilton has declined to comment on rumors that he may transfer to the Scuderia for £40 million. Instead, he has persisted in declaring his loyalty to the Silver Arrows and made a suggestion that negotiations will go on into this week.

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