Jeremy Clarkson reveals number of beers he delivered to Alpine

Jeremy Clarkson reveals number of beers he delivered to Alpine

Jeremy Clarkson has disclosed that he honored his podium wager with the Alpine crew by bringing around 1,000 bottles of beer to their headquarters.

The TV host made what appeared to be a ridiculous wager during the Monaco Grand Prix towards the end of May that if Esteban Ocon could manage to score a podium finish in Monte Carlo, he would buy a pint of beer ffor each member of the Alpine team.

Indeed Ocon succeeded in doing so for the first time this season, leaving the former host of ‘Top Gear’ and ‘The Grand Tour’ with an obligation to eventually pay up.

But since the Alpine factory was close to his farm in the Cotswolds, he followed through on his promise and showed up at Enstone with his Lamborghini tractor, as seen on the hit show Clarkson’s Farm, along with a bottle of beer made with ingredients from his farm and made available for each Alpine staff member.

However as it turned out, there was a lot more beer to give out than he had imagined. With around 1,000 individuals working for the team, there were a lot of bottles to give out, and Ocon was on hand to assist Clarkson.

“Halfway through the recent Monaco Grand Prix I put out a tweet saying that if my local team, Alpine, finished on the podium, I’d give everyone on the team a pint of my Hawkstone lager,” Clarkson wrote in his column for The Sun.

“Well, their driver Esteban Ocon did finish on the podium, so I called to ask how many pints I should drop round to the factory.

“Fifty? A hundred? Nope… It’s just shy of a thousand.”

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