Haas did not have an easy year in 2020. After constantly falling back during a race in 2019, the American stable’s car did not progress in qualifying in 2020 either. Gene Haas, the owner of Haas F1 Team however, points to Mercedes as a major problem.

While Haas’ debut in Formula 1 was all well and good, the shine has gone off in recent years. The American racing stable is sinking further down the rankings, and where 2019 still had positive points from qualifying, Haas also slipped further down the rankings due to the downsized Ferrari engine in qualifying.

”We have no control over the parts we get from Ferrari. We are confident that Ferrari can solve this problem, and it’s not just Ferrari that has this problem. Everyone is lagging behind the Mercedes engine. They have built an extremely strong engine that other teams can’t come close to”, Gene Haas told Racer.

The team owner does not understand why Formula 1 is sticking to this situation. ”In my opinion, this has killed what Formula 1 is all about. More power to Mercedes to dominate the whole sport, but who wants to race when you already know who is going to win every race? That just becomes boring”, the American clearly concludes.

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