Romain Grosjean, who saw his F1 career end in a fireball, can’t wait to get back into racing. Next season he will do so in the IndyCar for Dale Coyne Racing. However, he is still not fully recovered from the injuries sustained in his accident in Bahrain.

“When I wake up in the morning, it is not easy to move my hands,” he says in conversation with SRF. “I move my fingers 3,000 times a day because that’s the only way I get full movement back. It feels terrible when I try to move my fingers.”

He is able to function fully in a race car, but for the time being he will have to endure the pain. This is mainly because he recently came off the painkillers. “I had enough, I didn’t want to take it anymore. To not be dependent on the medication anymore, that was a big psychological step for me.”

Grosjean also says he has an increasingly extensive memory of the accident. Two weeks after the accident he suddenly heard the sound of the fire again and recently he also had the smell of burning carbon fibre in his nose again. In the first place it is important to know what is going on in your life and what is going on in your head.

Some memories he had even repressed completely. “I had told everyone that there was no fire in the cockpit. Then I saw the images from the on-board camera, which have not yet been made public. The fire is everywhere. Just everywhere.”

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