Formula 2 unveils their newly designed next generation car

Formula 2 unveils their newly designed next generation car

The FIA Formula 2 Championship has unveiled the F2 2024 next generation car that their upcoming season’s junior racers will be driving, ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

The next generation car that will be making a debut in 2024 was unveiled on Thursday at Monza, taking the FIA Formula 2 Championship one step closer to the future.

Dallara designed the striking, brand-new contender as a more affordable and practical option for teams and drivers. It has a number of improvements and novelties, including as its aggressive rear-wing design.

The new car’s concept of design is to provide young drivers who desire a career in Formula 1 with the strongest possible foundation by making it as similar to an F1 car as possible in terms of safety, look, systems, performance, sustainability, and accessibility, all at affordable prices.

The design will be racing in the 2024, 2025, and 2026 seasons. A spectacular on-track action will result from the floor, front and rear wings, and nose’s design, which promotes wheel-to-wheel racing.

A 3.4-liter turbocharged Mecachrome engine powers the new car, which incorporates the most recent FIA safety innovations. It also has some additional characteristics to accommodate the Aramco synthetic sustainable fuel, which will be made readily available by 2025.

The Aramco 55% bio-sourced sustainable fuel, which was successfully introduced in 2023, will continue to power the F2 cars in 2024.

In order to suit a variety of drivers and make the championship as simple as possible, the F2 2024 was additionally designed to conform with the FIA 2024 requirements in terms of braking, steering effort, and ergonomics.

The Virtual Safety Car (VSC) and an improved Drag Reduction System (DRS) are still part of the car’s systems, while a new Marelli Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) has improved the electronics.

“Together with the FIA, we’ve designed a powerful, challenging and safe car that will prepare young drivers for F1, and that will continue to provide great racing and a lot of overtaking opportunities, something that the fans expect from F2,” said Formula 2 CEO Bruno Michel.

“It has been designed also to fit all types of drivers, taking into account FIA’s consideration regarding the steering effort. This is obviously key to making our sport more inclusive, by enhancing our car’s driveability and comfort.

“One of our main focuses remains costs control. So, we have kept the same engine and gearbox, and there are a lot of carried-over parts from the previous car.

“Finally, we made sure that the teams can manage this new car with 12 operational people, as per the Sporting Regulations.”

“I want to thank our partners Aramco, Pirelli, Dallara and Mecachrome, who are key in making this car safe, reliable and the best racing machine to prepare our drivers for Formula 1.”

Former F2 driver Tatiana Calderon successfully ran the car during a shakedown at Varano in July. After the unveiling today, the development program will carry on over a series of testing over the course of the year with many drivers, including Felipe Drugovich, the 2022 FIA Formula 2 Champion.

The project will have enough mileage before the cars are delivered to the teams to ensure reliability, and more development will be done in 2024, 2025, and 2026 as the sustainable component of the fuel advances to the target of 100% of synthetic sustainable fuels by 2027.

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