Verstappen receives new trophy after Hungary podium incident

Verstappen receives new trophy after Hungary podium incident

Max Verstappen, the winner of the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix, received a new trophy after the original one was damaged on the podium last month.

The incident happened at the Hungaroring during the regular post-race celebrations when Lando Norris, giddy about finishing in second place, playfully knocked the trophy with a spray of champagne.

The delicate $45,000 porcelain cup, however, toppled under the McLaren driver’s animated gestures, breaking both the base and the top of the trophy.

During the driver’s press conference after the Hungarian Grand Prix race, both drivers found humor in the unexpected turn of events. Norris joked that Verstappen had placed the trophy “too close to the edge” in an effort to blame him for the mishap.

In a swift response to the incident, the Hungarian trophy maker Herendi declared that it was committed to crafting a replacement for Verstappen. In a statement, a company official declared that they were prepared to take on the “joyful and heavy burden” of replicating the special artifact.

By presenting Max Verstappen with a brand-new trophy, Herendi has now delivered on its promise. The replacement piece will be placed in Red Bull’s trophy collection at their Milton Keynes headquarters, safely out of the way of any mishaps triggered by champagne.

Verstappen shared the moment of being presented with the new trophy with his followers on Instagram. Lando Norris was also on hand for the occasion, and he shared a number of images of the trophy handover to the reigning world champion.

Verstappen commented in a light-hearted manner, “It’s in one piece,” and humorously added in a little video, “Lando is not allowed to touch it!”

Despite the terrible outcome of the trophy, the two drivers’ friendly relationship is still apparent. Lando Norris received a humorous “invoice” to sarcastically pay for his champagne-fueled actions as a final bit of humor.

The lighthearted dialogue underlined the informal banter that distinguishes driver interactions in the Formula 1 setting.

Given that the Dutchman has won every Grand Prix save two, Verstappen’s new trophy will add to a terrific collection from the 2023 season.

Verstappen hasn’t lost a single sprint or Grand Prix race over the last four months despite advancing rivals who have brought effective upgrades. With an amazing total of 540 points, Red Bull has nearly doubled their closest rivals, Mercedes, and now leads the Constructors’ Standings.

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