Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

On Wednesday, Ferrari will be the last team to unveil the new 2021 livery. Where we have seen an impressive new livery with many teams, we should of course not expect anything crazy from Ferrari. The SF21 will appear in red again, the difference will be in the details.
Still, that doesn’t make Ferrari’s presentation boring in advance, because Ferrari has some work to do. That actually dates back to 2019, when Ferrari fooled the competition with their (illegal) engine, but also themselves. The competition and the FIA discovered Ferrari’s trick and so the engine had to be scaled back.

Ferrari clearly did not take this scenario into account in 2019, because the SF1000 was designed to add even more downforce and thus drag. However, with less power than expected, it hurt the team and its customers a lot. Ferrari fell to sixth place among the constructors and did not win a single race in 2020.

The SF21 must quickly move on. With a brand new engine and the possibility to make some changes to the car with two tokens, Ferrari has to take another step up. It is therefore very interesting to see what Ferrari has changed about the car, although we will only see in Bahrain how they compare to the competition.

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