Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Ferrari and Shell will continue to work together in Formula 1 in the coming years. The two unique companies have announced a multi-year deal in which sustainability is central.

Ferrari and Shell have been partners for many years. 70 years to be precise, but this anniversary is far from the end of this successful collaboration.

Ferrari announced on Thursday that a new multi-year agreement has been signed, and the main focus will be on sustainability. However, Ferrari and Shell will also be hoping to add more titles to the total of ten drivers’ titles and twelve constructors’ titles.

‘We share many common values, not least excellence, passion for racing and teamwork, which have made this partnership unique in the history of motor sport. As our Innovation Partner we will continue to work with Shell on the transfer of racing technology to mobility as well as the ambitious challenges that lie ahead in particular the aim of Formula 1 to reach a net-zero emissions level by 2030,” Mattia Binotto revealed in the statement.

‘Our partnership with Ferrari has bred truly remarkable innovations – innovations that Shell regularly relies upon when developing new fuels and lubricants for our customers. We’re now entering a very exciting time in our history together as we leverage this partnership to not only strive for success on the track, but also to develop cleaner fuels and lubricants for our customers,” concludes Istvan Kapitany, Shell’s chief executive officer.

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