Fernando Alonso undergoes another Surgery

Fernando Alonso undergoes another Surgery

Following a road accident involving his bicycle in February 2021, Fernando Alonso underwent another surgery last week to remove titanium plates fitted to his jaw.

Alpine F1 driver, Fernando Alonso was involved in a terrible bicycle accident that necessitated hospitalization and a series of surgeries at the time. Now, almost a year later, the Spaniard has disclosed he is now recovering from another surgery for the removal of titanium plates implanted in his jaw.

The accident occurred only weeks before the season was set to start with Alonso admitting that the accident scared him since it was one month before the first race of the 2021 championship.

Talking to as.com, Alonso hoped that the 2022 F1 Season will have less drama as he recounted how the cycling accident affected his preparations for the 2021 season.

“We need a good winter, that’s for sure, I need to be prepared or prepared a little better than last year; the February accident with the bicycle did not help last year,” Alonso said.

“I had surgery last week and I was in the hospital for a while. Now I am recovering from the operation. After that, we have to go to the winter tests with a good programme, physically and also in the car.

“And if the car is competitive, I’m sure I will be 100%. And it’s up to us to make a good car; we will do it or we will learn from our mistakes,” added the two-time Formula 1 champion.

Alonso also revealed he was following the 2020 Formula 1 Championship after he took a sabbatical to race in Dakar and WEC.

“I said at the beginning of last year’s championship, before it started, in Bahrain, that the drivers who impressed me the most when I was at home watching on telly were George with the performance at Williams, and of course Max.

“Those were the two guys for whom I was turning on the television who were giving something extra. Daniel was also there and because I was with Renault, the car interested me a lot last year. Now you see first-hand how the Enstone factory has evolved,” the 40-year old explained.

Alonso also hinted he might make a return to Le Mans despite his campaign for a third championship title in Formula 1.

“Yes, it’s in the plan. I don’t know when or with whom but I love that race and its atmosphere. I love Endurance in general… It’s the essence of racing.”

“I think Le Mans is obviously the best race. But I also had fun at the Spa 6 Hours, at Fuji, at Bahrain, at Daytona… I think that Endurance is probably the true DNA of motorsport.”

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