F1 fans have suggested that the 2022 race schedule be changed due to Russian tensions with Ukraine.

In the wake of the escalating tensions in Ukraine, F1 fans have called for a boycott of the Russian Grand Prix in 2022 as Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed troops to Ukraine, raising tensions between Moscow and the West.

Putin recently ordered troops to fulfill ‘peacekeeping operations’ into the disputed territories of eastern Ukraine, after previously stationing near the border. Russia has also formally recognized the two disputed regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk as independent despite being currently controlled by Moscow-backed separatists.

As a result of the escalating Russia-Ukraine tensions, United States has imposed sanctions on Russia, as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also seems more likely to jump on board.

The conversations surrounding the matter have also received responses from the sporting world, and many F1 fans are concerned about the 2022 Russian Grand Prix which is scheduled for a return in Sochi according to the 2022 F1 calendar.

Formula 1 fans on Twitter have expressed their opinions, with some saying the sport should not make a return to Sochi.

One fan says: “Given the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and with several governments imposing sanctions of Russia. I think its inappropriate for the FIA to carry out the F1 GP in Sochi.”

Another fan adds: “Dear F1. Please say goodbye to Russia GP.”

Others have asked for the sport’s most active voices to take action, claiming that F1 is unlikely to take action because of controversies surrounding other destinations on the Formula 1 calendar.

On whether FIA is likely to take any action Namal Thaltha said: “If you think #f1 shouldn’t race in Russia because of the ‘human rights abuse’… I dont think we will even have 5 race a year… And the biggest human rights abusers and war mongers in the world has 2 race in their country.”

Mark Mather urged all F1 drivers to boycott the Russian Grand Prix: “I assume all #drivers and #FIA will immediately cancel #Russian GP if Russia invaded Ukraine?!? #Ukrainetensions:@LewisHamilton@ScuderiaFerrari⁩⁦@MercedesAMGF1@⁦redbullracing⁩ ⁦@Max33Verstappen@McLarenF1”

Seven-time world champion Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton has never been hesitant about speaking out against injustices in the past, with the #Blacklivesmatter movement to address racial injustices. He has also been vocal about equality as he truly believes that everyone should have human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and there are places where that’s not allowed. He says this in regards to the countries in the United Arab Emirates where women are disregarded in equality.

Hamilton also notably declared that ‘cash is king’ when F1 was given the green light to race during the early days of the Covid epidemic. 

The Russian Grand Prix is set to take place in September according to the 2022 F1 calendar as it remains to be seen whether F1 or even its influential drivers, will take any action.

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