Ex-wife of Michael Schumacher’s brother axed from show over health secrets

Ex-wife of Michael Schumacher's brother axed from show over health secrets

A German TV show has axed the ex-wife of Michael Schumacher’s brother Ralf due to concerns that she would divulge the Formula 1 legend’s closely-kept health secrets.

The ex-wife of Michael Schumacher’s brother was allegedly kicked off the German rendition of I’m A Celebrity over concerns that she would divulge family secrets regarding the Formula 1 legend’s health.

Cora Schumacher—who was previously married to Michael’s brother Ralf for almost 15 years—quit the show after only three days in the wilderness.

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has not been in the public eye since sustaining catastrophic injuries in a skiing accident in December 2013. His wife Corinna has kept his health a secret, and only a limited number of individuals they trust have the opportunity to see him.

RTL bosses were worried that Cora would divulge sensitive information on live television since she was overly talkative, according to BILD. Any transgression would go against the unspoken “gentleman’s agreement” between Schumacher’s family and broadcaster RTL to keep their private affairs discreet.

For this reason, there were questions raised when it was announced that Cora Schumacher would be participating in the show despite the fact she had appeared on the German edition of Big Brother in 2018. However, the actress and OnlyFans model appeared in just two episodes before it was made official that she was leaving Ich Bin Ein.

Ich Bin Ein Star’s social media account revealed Cora’s departure, stating that she uttered the phrase “get out of the jungle” just prior to the third live airing of the show. The 47-year-old reportedly has long Covid and was having trouble breathing as a result of the smoke from the campfire.

During her marriage to Ralf, Cora was close to both Corinna and Michael but the two ladies are reported to have a “respectful but not close” relationship. Ralf told BILD they were also on good terms and he doubted she would say anything concerning Michael’s condition.

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