Drive to Survive season six release date officially confirmed by Netflix

Netflix officially confirms release date for Drive to Survive season six

The official release date of Drive to Survive season six has been confirmed to be on February 23 according to Netflix.

The highly popular Netflix series Drive to Survive has set a release date for its sixth season which will feature 2023 Formula 1 on February 23 as confirmation of the docu-series’ comeback validates previous rumours which heightened fan and viewer excitement.

With the release date aligned with Bahrain’s 2024 preseason testing, supporters will get a chance to reminisce over the 2023 season right before the start of the new campaign. The series has significantly contributed to Formula 1’s rise in popularity worldwide due to its unmatched behind-the-scenes access and ideologies.

The upcoming sixth season of the series will revisit Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s historic championship victory while also focusing on a variety of narratives from the 2023 season. These will probably include the center stage moments of Aston Martin and McLaren, Mercedes’ ongoing efforts of making a return to success and Daniel Ricciardo’s return to F1 with AlphaTauri.

The series will also mark the final time fans see the popular team principal Guenther Steiner after he left Haas F1 Team at the beginning of January.

Max Verstappen in particular has previously criticized Drive to Survive for making up fake team and driver rivalries, despite its widespread success. However, Verstappen changed his opinion after talks with the producers, noting the show’s capacity to bring new fans to the sport.

Box to Box Films remains in charge of producing the series, and Oscar Award–winning documentary Senna producer James Gay-Rees will continue to serve as Executive Producer alongside Emmy–winning producer Paul Martin, who produced the 2019 Diego Maradona documentary.

Gay-Rees believes the show remains to have lots of ground left to deliver F1’s stories, despite the fact that the 2023 season has not been as spectacular as its predecessors.

“Genuinely, we are enormously proud to be a part of it,” James Gay-Rees said. “There’s also a lot of satisfaction at being first with these things, and I think that it kind of does feel like the first main access show – certainly out of the UK anyway – that has had this profound effect.

“We’ve all had the statistics about the changing, younger demographic, and it’s tough out there for anybody, for any big organisation, to hold its ground given the amount of choices that are out there for the consumer.

“Bringing such a big new audience to a sport – which obviously was deserved, it just needed somebody to open it up – is massively satisfying.

“The fact that it wasn’t a fluke, the fact that it’s grown [with every season]… It’s a real honour and we love it.

“It’s a very difficult show to make, but we love the process, we love the world. Long may it continue!”

Netflix is also making a parallel move into the NASCAR scene by launching a new show inspired by Drive to Survive. The streaming giant is attempting to emulate the success of Formula 1 by expanding its coverage in motorsports.

Other sport disciplines have also set out to imitate the effect that Drive to Survive has made on F1’s popularity with Tennis and golf each having their own Netflix series.

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