Documentary showing Michael Schumcher’s current condition set to be aired this year

Documentary showing Michael Schumcher's current condition set to be aired this year

A documentary into the career and life of Michael Schumacher is ‘finished’ and is set to air later this year, offering a rare glimpse of the Ferrari legend’s life since suffering a serious brain injury in a skiing accident eight years ago.

Schumacher, 52, has not been seen publicly since the 2013 accident and so the new film, entitled ‘Schumacher’, will provide a rare insight to Formula One fans on his health battle.

The film, which was first reported to be in production in May 2019, was due to launch in December last year, only to be faced by delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic but Express in Germany have reported it is now ‘ready’ to go.

Schumacher’s family have backed the film and are reported to have provided private recordings to the filmmakers.

The driver’s wife Corinna, who has rarely spoken in public and is believed to be largely responsible for guarding the secrecy of his health, is expected to be among the interviewees spoken to in the film.

His father Rolf, 74, and his son Mick, preparing for his first season in F1 with Haas, are also involved.

‘Schumacher’ is the work of German documentary filmmakers Michael Wech and Hanns-Bruno Kammertons.

The Ferrari icon hit his head on a rock going off-piste down a mountain and was later airlifted to hospital.

He went through two rounds of surgery before being placed into a medically-induced coma for six months.

Now back home in Geneva, Switzerland, updates on his condition have been a closely guarded secret by the family, something that will perhaps change upon the release of the documentary.

The film will also focus on his incredibly successful career, something the family hope son Mick will be able to replicate as he follows in his father’s footsteps this season.

Schumacher won his first championship in 1994 with Benetton before retaining his title in the ensuing campaign.

The German then moved to Ferrari where he went on to dominate the sport before calling time on his career in 2006.

He returned to the grid with Mercedes in 2009 but endured a largely disappointing three-season spell.

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