Disney sets release date for F1 docuseries ‘Brawn GP’

Disney sets release date for F1 docuseries 'Brawn GP'

The highly anticipated series that depicts the story of Brawn GP’s success in F1, has gotten a release date.

The premiere date for the Keanu Reeves’ F1 docuseries named Brawn GP, which is scheduled to air on Disney+ and Hulu has been announced. On November 15, a four-part documentary that depicts the extraordinary tale of the 2009 Formula One season will premiere on TV.

It was announced earlier this year that a docuseries featuring Formula One team Brawn GP was going to be produced. Finally, the wait is over as Disney+’s streaming service announced that it will premiere the series in November.

The incredible tale of Ross Brawn’s 2009 entry into Formula One and ultimate rescue of the Japanese automaker Honda is detailed in the four-part series. The Great Recession had driven Honda out of the racing business, leaving the manufacturer without the funds necessary to maintain a presence in Formula 1. For barely one pound, Brawn purchased what was still left of the manufacturer.

The team achieved the impossible after acquiring a Mercedes engine and introducing a double-diffuser design. Jenson Button, a Brawn GP driver who won eight races during the season, defeated Sebastian Vettel to win the title by 11 points. The squad additionally took home the constructor’s crown.

Since 2010, when Brawn GP transitioned to the Mercedes F1 team, the team’s success has kept going with eight constructors and seven consecutive championships.

Access to F1 archives and “previously unseen” footage will be available throughout the series. Throughout the entire period, there will be exclusive conversations with Ross Brawn, Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Nick Fry, and Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

The series will be presented by Keanu Reeves as the remarkable recovery tale about the team astounded the John Wick star.

Speaking at the British Grand Prix about the captivating tale to Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle at the time, Reeves could not contain his excitement for the upcoming project.

“A friend of mine was telling me the story [about Brawn] and I was so struck by it,” Keanu Reeves said. “He was actually working for Brawn back in the day in publicity.

“He’s a producer/director and so we were like ‘Well let’s tell that story, let’s try to tell that story.

“It’s been really great to be able to learn more about what was going on in Formula One that year. It wasn’t just the cars, new regulations, FOTA [the Formula One Teams Association] breakaway series.

“I mean there was just so much happening in Formula One at that time. The world of F1 was just extraordinary. I mean, it’s always extraordinary, but in that year with Brawn GP I think something really special happened.

“Just the world of F1 was extraordinary, it always is but that year with Brawn I think something special happened.

“It was absolutely amazing to be that close,” he added. “Silverstone and rain, perfect. I think being that close to it, just seeing the speed and the way that they’re going at the turns and exiting the turns is something unbelievable.

“We are being hosted by Ross Brawn, he has been a legend and is such an amazing person so it was really cool to meet him and spend some time with him, he offered us the chance to be here.

“That’s what we are going to try and do, we are going to tell that amazing, remarkable story.”

Reeves partners alongside three-time BAFTA winner, Neil Duncanson and Sean Doyle in producing the series. It is being directed by Simon Hammerson and Daryl Goodrich, who previously directed the highly praised “Ferrari: Race to Immortality” back in 2017.

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