Verstappen pleads with Ferrari chief to pick his calls over car sale request

Verstappen pleads with Ferrari chief to pick his calls over car sale request

Max Verstappen has challenged Ferrari boss to give him a call as he intends to acquire Michael Schumacher’s legendary F2004 F1 car.

Three-time world champion Max Verstappen has requested John Elkann to pick his calls as the Red Bull star seeks to acquire one of Michael Schumacher’s championship-winning F1 cars.

The Scuderia would probably reject Verstappen’s offer to get his hands in one of their cockpits if they learned that he was after one of their cars. However, the Dutchman does not intend to line up on the 2024 grid alongside Carlos Sainz or Charles Leclerc.

The freshly minted three-time world champion has said he would desire to own all of his championship-winning Red Bull cars, as well as the powerful F2004, which won 15 of the 18 races and secured 12 pole positions in the 2004 season.

Schumacher set the record for the most victories in a single season in the F2004 with 13 victories, but Verstappen overtook him in 2022 with 15 victories.

The car further helped Schumacher win his seventh and last world championship before Fernando Alonso and Renault broke Ferrari’s F1 dominance.

Verstappen has made a request for assistance from the Ferrari chairman.

“I would like to have in my garage all the Red Bull cars with which I have won an F1 World Championship,””Verstappen told Italian publication Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In addition to Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004, it is an incredible car but I don’t know how I would buy it.

“This is an appeal to [Ferrari chairman] John Elkann, I hope he reads this interview and maybe calls me.”

Verstappen has distinguished himself in Formula 1 racing by winning his third consecutive drivers’ world championship this year.

With his hat-trick of victories, the 26-year-old Dutchman is now part of a special circle of F1 icons that also includes Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio, Sebastian Vettel, and Lewis Hamilton.

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