Former Formula 1 world champion and Mclaren driver Jenson Button declared he was extremely shocked by Daniel Ricciardo’s move from Redbull to Renault.

Ricciardo has been struggling to find success at Renault having over a season and a half without a podium finish at the french racing team.

Jensen said he would have loved to have seen him in Redbull the last couple of years pushing Max Verstappen and it would have been a great battle to see.

He also added that he was impressed at Ricciardo in Renault than what he ever did in Redbull because he (Ricciardo) was over his teammate (then Hulkenberg) in his first year. Now having seen what Hulkenberg can do in Racing point shows his strength and for Ricciardo to do the same would be very impressive.

While Renault has been struggling during Ricciardo’s time there, Mclaren has made tremendous improvement having finished ninth in the 2017 season, went to fourth last season and the same they currently occupy in the constructor’s championship after six races and one podium.

They will be hoping for greater success in 2021 with Ricciardo’s arrival coinciding with a return to mercedes engines.

Jensen who is a former Mclaren driver said that this was a ‘make or break’ opportunity for Ricciardo adding that he was a young driver who has got to start moving towards a team that can give him race wins and possibly a championship.

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