The Circuit de Catalunya has been undergoing reconstruction in recent weeks, and not an insignificant one at that. The change they made at Turn 10 might have a significant impact on the racecourse.

La Caixa, as it is also called, used to be a long left-hander. Because this corner was just after the back straight, it was decided in 2004 to make it a right-angle, almost hairpin corner. This, in combination with the straight, was supposed to provide more overtaking opportunities.

In Formula 1, however, it had relatively little effect. With the introduction of DRS, things started to improve, but the straights between corners 9 and 10 are just too short to allow serious overtaking.

In MotoGP, it worked better, but it is for that class in particular that the corner has been modified again. The speed difference here is very high for motorbike riders. After a very fast section, they had to slam on the brakes. The new corner is much more like the old situation in that respect.

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