Aston Martin AMR24 makes track debut at Silverstone

Aston Martin AMR24 makes track debut at Silverstone

Aston Martin conducted its first laps with the AMR24 at Silverstone after the new car was unveiled on Monday morning.

Lance Stroll ran the new Aston Martin AMR24 for its track debut at Silverstone on Monday following the car’s unveiling.

Lance Stroll was spotted driving the team’s 2024 F1 challenger around Silverstone for the first time, with the track being a short distance from the team’s headquarters. The team is making use of one of its two permitted filming days to test its 2024 car in preparation for the official pre-season testing in Bahrain next week.

This season, the teams’ allotted filming days have been doubled from 100 to 200km, giving Aston Martin more chances to make use of their car for training purposes.

Aston Martin shared a video of the AMR24’s first-ever exit from Silverstone’s pit lane on their social media accounts shortly after the car’s launch on Monday.

After securing eight podium places in the Constructors’ Championship last year, all of which went to Fernando Alonso, the team is optimistic that the AMR24 will provide them with the next boost they need to contend for race victories.

On the other hand, Stroll is expected to improve his performance and add podiums to his team’s record, while the team’s new AMR24 challenger bears the brunt of those expectations.

“We’re trying to really build on on last year’s car,” Stroll said. “We had a strong car last year, definitely opening up the season we came out really strong.

“Some weaknesses in the car at certain tracks some of those weaknesses were exposed and we struggled a lot more as a team.

“A lot of people the whole factory’s been working really hard on building from last year, improving some of the weaknesses and also building on the strengths of last year’s car.

“I’m definitely excited for the start of the season. But also throughout this season, it’s a long season in F1, and we want to also really build from race one to race 24 and make the car stronger and stronger throughout the year.

According to technical director Dan Fallows, the AMR24 should be “more of an all-rounder” in comparison to the previous model, giving the team a better chance of success in the intense battle to roll out updates over the season.

“The chassis design is new, as well as the nose, front wing, front suspension and rear suspension,” he said. “We want to compete in the development race this season and this car is designed to do just that.

“Another area of focus has been to broaden the car’s operating window. We have focused on more versatility for a wider range of specific circuit characteristics. We want a race car that is more of an all-rounder.

“We believe the AMR24 provides the ideal platform for in-season development and a sustained season-long challenge.”

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